Here are templates for the most popular sizes for a wide variety of our most common labels. Also included here are some unusual shapes that may spark your imagination.

If you would like to sketch out your idea for a label, feel free to download these files to help you with your design process. Clicking the link will take you to the .pdf file, or you can right click the link and choose "save target as" to save the file to your computer. Then, just bring in or email your sketch and our graphic designers will turn your idea into a fully-realized label design.

If you would rather send us near-final artwork, that's great! Please keep in mind, though, that in order to give you the fastest product turnaround with the best look possible, we ask that you send vector graphics in file formats such as .ai or .eps.

Label Size Suggestions:
Barbecue Sauce or Salsa—2.5" x 6.375"
12oz Water Bottle—1.75" x 7.375"
16.9oz Water Bottle—2.5" x 6.875"
18–24oz Water Bottle—2.5" x 7.875"
Bumper Sticker—3" x 6.875" or 3" x 9.875"